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Blackjack, Craps or Baccarat: Which game has the best odds?


Blackjack has always been a popular game at casinos, but it’s been getting more popular as casinos started to advertise and promote their online games as well. Since blackjack is very similar to craps, it was often thought that since the casino would pay off at a much lower rate when the blackjack player wins, they should play it for the money instead. But if you’re playing blackjack for the money, how are you supposed to know if the casinos are actually paying off or not? The following article will explain how you can find out how much the casino is actually paying.

As mentioned before, the casinos will generally pay true-odds on any second bet, depending on the likelihood of the subsequent point to come up. These true odd bets reduce the casino’s actual edge in blackjack to less than 1 percent. This is the highest bet you will ever have at a blackjack table, next to winning on every single bet possible. In other words, it’s a very lucrative bet for your bankroll. However, since these types of bets tend to carry a higher payout percentage, they are usually not advisable for players who are not experienced enough with blackjack to determine how much the casino actually is paying out on each blackjack.

If you feel you have a decent chance of winning the game without spending a lot of real money on betting, there is still another way for you to find out. In blackjack tournaments, the casinos are required to publish a final table payout percentage. When you enter a tournament, you will be placed in a division according to how good of a player you are, and the lower your percentage of making money during the tournament, the better you will do in the tournament, regardless of which particular game you win.

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  1. I believe that Blackjack has the best odds, because it has more human element involved. Whereas the other games have a lot higher chance..

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